Our History
In July 1980, with 14 years experience as a PBX Installer/Repairman with South Central Bell, Gregory A. Wood, Sr. established GAGE. Tired of hearing complaints about Ma Bell, he wanted to provide a quality product and excellent service at a fair price to commercial customers. He knew that in other states, mainly in the north, interconnect companies were flourishing.

The business grew steadily. After the Bell/AT&T breakup in 1984, consumers were more willing to give the company a chance. There were ups and downs because of the economy, but perseverance and hard work saw the company through difficult times. GAGE grew mainly because of good references from customer to customer.

GAGE is one of a select few interconnect companies nationwide that qualify to be a Technology Assurance Group (TAG) member. This distinction as a TAG member allows GAGE to provide the Five Star Warranty. This provides clients with additional investment protection, cost savings, and value.

GAGE recognizes the critical need for a communications company that combines leading technology with top quality service and support. GAGE's position as an industry leader is based on these principles, and on the commitment to lead a rapidly changing industry. Each product is enabled to migrate with customer's changing needs, working to eliminate "forklift” upgrades and protecting the investment.

GAGE has built a team of voice and data specialists committed to customer satisfaction. The GAGE technical staff undergoes rigorous factory training along with on-premise weekly training, and is kept current with the latest product and service innovations. Their goal is to provide the best mix of product, service, and support that is realistically available in the marketplace.



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